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Edmund Thomas States: I live at Bassalleg
at a place called Pye Corner - and am a Blacksmith -
I keep the 3 Horse Shoes Public House there - on
Monday the fourth of November last about 7 or 8 o`clock
in the morning I saw a large body of men passing
by my house along the Tram Road towards Newport
A great many were armed some with Guns some
with pikes and others with different kinds of Iron and
wooden weapons - From 20 to 30 came into my house
and asked some for Beer and some for Spirits - I saw
old Israel Furmen there and I handed him a Glass
of Gin - A person then came to the Door of my
house dressed in a plaid frock coat - it was a
white ground with either black or dark blue stripes
he was a middle sized man - he remained at
the door for some time - from 20 minutes to half an
hour I should think - he said several times to the
men who were passing "March on, what the Devil
do you want to drink Beer or Spirits - Do you want
to get drunk - You do know that this is our day
go on - that is Frost's orders" he repeated these
words in Welsh as well as in English - As he
left my door he said to me "For God`s Sake shut the
door or else we shan't have the men down to day"
I did not know this person but I was informed it
was Edmund Edmunds - I believe I should be
sure to know him again If I saw him again -
the mob took a great number of Iron Articles out
of my Smith's Shop -
______________Edmund Thomas.



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