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Case for Perjury
Henry Charles Son of Henry Charles
_________Quarry man
of the Welsh Oak ^ I was at my
Father's House all day Sunday
I went to Chapel in the Eve-ng
I came back from Chapel about
1/2 p 9 in the Eve-ng When I saw
3 Men come in soon after I came
from Chapel they were Colliers
by their dress. They called for
a Pint of beer. It was very
wet - they were dripping with
wet Sometime afterwards
a large body of Men come in -
They were armed with Guns
Pikes - Swords - Mandrills
in numbers - Sticks I saw
a Man with a belt round
his waist He had a Gun
& a sword in his Hands.
I did not know this Man
I was in the Cellar with
my Sister all the time.



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