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into the Cellar When I cam and
Remained there all night to
protect the Cellar. I came up
again before day light when
I saw the House quite full
of people armed with Guns,
Pikes a Sword & Pikes a Sword
Mandrells & Sticks. The only
persons I saw there was John
of Newport Edmund Edward
a Son of William
of the Greyhound
He Frost called for half a Gallon
of Beer before they left the House
which he did not pay for
No one paid for it. I also saw
Ferram a quack Doctor of Blackwood
and Thomas Howard Havard
a Butcher of Blackwood there
When the 3 men first came in,
my Sister shewed me a piece
of Iron about the length of a
Poker not so large & the End very



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