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that Pistol down to the Prisoners house the night before
to be repaired. The mould now produced is very similar to the
Mould the Prisoner took from my House - that mould was
numbered 10 and so is this.
I have no doubt about it
the Pistol now produced by Mr Homan is the same I gave
the Prisoner on Sunday night.
____________The mark X of
_________________Ann Spooner

William Phillips sworn - I am a Special Constable
at Tredegar Iron Works. I know
Mr Homan the Superintendant of Police at Tredegar . I know
the Prisoner at the Bar he is a Clock and Watchmaker
I was directed by Mr Homan on Sunday the 3rd Novr
to go to the Prisoners House. I went there between 12
& 1 o'clock on Sunday night. I knocked at the Door
and Evan Edwards the Prisoner at the Bar asked
me from the Upstairs Window what I wanted
I told him I wanted to speak with him. I told him
I wanted to speak with him very particular. he
asked me if was going to injure him or take him
away from his house. I told him no. he then
told me that I should not come in that he would
not open the door for me. I did not get in. I then
returned to Mr Homan . I went again to the
Prisoners House between 2 & 3 o'clock
in the Monday Morning. I knocked at the
door. there was a light in the house
upstairs and down - he came to the
upstairs window again - and asked me
what I wanted about his house at that
time. I told him I wanted to talk to him about the Book of
Rules of the order that he belonged to. The order is the Grand



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