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then produced the mould - here it is numbered 10 - I
then told him he must have more bullets in the house
he said he had not but few that he had not made
above a dozen - I told him he must produce them he
told the Servant Girl to go upstairs and bring down
the dozen Bullets he had made - he did produce
them here they are - I asked him who he made them
for - he told me he made them for the chartists
against they returned from Newport - the Bullets and
mould which I have produced are the same which I
received from the Prisr. - George Jones and Wm Davies
two Special Constables who are not here went with
me to the prisoner's house and were present when the
prisoner gave me up the Bullet Moulds and Bullets
which I have produced - Mr. Homan was not with
me at the time the time the prisoner told me he
made the Bullets against the chartists return
from Newport - call
__________________William Phillips

Walter William Homan Sworn Says I am
Supt of police at Tredegar Iron Works. I perfectly
well remember the evening of Sunday the 3rd Novr.
In consequence of information I received I directed
the last Witness William Phillips and two other Special
Constables to go to the prisoner's house it was
between 12 and one at night when I first sent
them - the last Witness returned to me afterwards
I told him to go again to the prisoners house
and endeavour to gain admission I received the
prisoner into my custody on the Monday
Morning - I searched him I found nothing

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