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protestant confederates - I am a Member of that order
we hold meetings or Lodges - we pay money in towards
supporting each other in cases of the sickness and distress
it is just like a Benefit Club but it is not enrolled -
the prisoner is a member of it - he told me then
he would let me in, in a few minutes on condition
that I would not injure him or take him away from his
House - he did let me in - I showed him that part
of the Book of Rules which specifies that no person
shall be admitted
a member of this Institution
who is a member of any other Society that is hostile or
at variance with Constitutional Government
- Those
were the words as far as I recollect them - I believe
they are correct and he said nothing then - I asked
him if he thought any person could be a Chartist
and belong to this Society according to that Book
of Rules - I meant persons belonging to this Chartist
Concern - he said yes he thought they could - I then
asked him what he had been doing all night
he said he had not been doing anything but stopping
up with his wife who was very ill - I asked him
where the Bullets were that he had been making

I asked him that in consequence of
something I had heard, he said he had not been
making any - I then laid hold of the candle and
went into his Kitchen - I saw some drops or small
bits of lead about the Kitchen
- I also saw a
Bullet it was quite warm, I now produce the same
bullet - it was so warm I could hardly hold it
in my hand - I then came up to the Shop where
he works - I asked him where the Bullet mould
was that he had been making bullets with - I told
him likewise that he must produce it or I must search
the house - he then produced the mould

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