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Walter William Homan States that he is
Superintendent of Police that he was on duty
on the night of Sunday the 3rd of November
and had been patroling about half past
Twelve on the Monday Morning of the 4th
when he received Information that Evan[*]
_________________________at Tredegar
Watch and Clock Maker ^ was at that
hour busily employed Casting Bullets I instantly
sent William Phillips and two or three other
Special Constables to ascertain the fact
and if so to take him into custody and all
the Bullets they could find after some time
the Prisoner with several Bullets and a
mould for making them was brought in
Custody to Mr Homfrays I took the Prisoner
before Mr Homphray who there stated that
he had cast the Bullets his Wife had not
long been confined and that he had cast
them for the Chartists to prevent his being
obliged to go along with them also to get
support for his family the Prisoner was
then called on by Mr Homfray to enter
into his own recognizance and I was
directed to go back to his House with him
and make further Search this was about about
3 O'Clock on the morning of the 4th I did
so and got some Bullets a Mould and a
piece of led all all of which I now produce the

[*Evan Edwards]



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