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William Phillips States - I was on
duty as Special Constable the whole
of Sunday night between Twelve and
One I was sent by Mr Homan Super
intendent of Police with other special
constables to the House of Evan Edwards
to see if he was casting Bullets
or melting lead accordingly I went
to the House of Evan Edwards Watch
and Clock maker he refused to let us
in and asked me what I wanted
he looked out of the Window upstairs
and asked if I intended to injure
him I said no I did not I only
wanted to speak to him he would
not open the door I returned to Mr
who again sent me back
to the House of Edwards to obtain
admission I returned to his house
between Two and Three I knocked
and found he was still up he went
upstairs and asked me through
Window what I wanted I told him
I wished to speak to him about the
Rules of a Lodge to which he belonged



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