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he said if I would promise not to
do anything to him he would let me
in in a few minutes he did so and
other Constables followed me in I asked
him where the Bullets were he had been
making he said been making none
I took the candle out of the shop and
went into the Kitchen I found lead drop
ped about near the fire place also a
Ball which I now produce it was warm
and not finished I asked him for the
Mould he then gave it me I asked
him for the Bullets he had made
Sir he said he had made but Twelve
Sir and desired his Servant to go up Stair
and bring them down I asked him
who he made them for he said for
the Chartists against their return from
Newport. The Bullets now produced
are the same.
___________Wm Phillips

Can you bring forward any person to prove that I
made the bulletts agst the Chartists return from

[r. margin]
Rega v Evan Edwards

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