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2000 & more unlawfully seditiously rioutously
& routously did assemble & meet together and
with guns pistols pikes swords sythes sticks
staves & other weapons of offence & remained
& continued to unlawfully & seditiously
assemble & went together armed as afsd
for a long space of time to wit for the
space of 48 Hours then next following &
during that time made a great Riot Rout
& unlawful assembly and during the
time last aforesd attacked & broke open divers
Dwelling houses of divers liege subjects of
our said Lady the Queen in the County afd
& beat bruised wounded imprisoned and
ill treated divers of the liege subjects of our
said Lady the Queen then & there being in
the County aforesd & siezed & took by force
from the sd. last mentioned subjects and
other subjects of our sd Lady the Queen then
& there being in the County afsd divers -
quantities of Arms to wit 100 Guns 100
pistols & 100 Swords & therewith then &
there unlawfully & seditiously further
armed themselves agst the Peace of our sd Lady the
Queen her Crown & Dignity



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