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Analysis of witnesses ag.t John Lewis Llewellyn

1 Attended a Chartist Meeting at Prisoners house 28 Octr, a
person of the name of Phillips addressed them & asked "if
they were all armed & prepared for the worst" - prisoner
was present -

2 Speaks to several meetings at wh. prisoner was present
Some held at prisoners house - prisoner proposed Frost
as a Delegate to the Convention -

3 Speaks to the same effect as the last witness -

4 Apprehended Prisoner between Swansea & Carmarthen

5 That an armed body of men were at Prisoner's house Sunday night ye 3 Novr
that prisoners house is the rendezvous of the Chartists -

6 Attended Chartist meeting of a very Seditious description
Prisoner ^ approved of the language used

7 Attended a meeting at wh. Prisoner ad spoke about the

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