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Regina .v. Llewellin

James Emery - I live at Pontypool - I am a
Cabinet Maker - I became a Member
of the Chartist Society held at Jones the
Watchmakers at Pontypool about three
weeks since - On the 29th of October
last I attended a Meeting of Chartists held
at Mr. Llewellins at (the Prisoner) at
Pontnewynydd A great number of Chartists
were there - a Mr. Phillips, also a Chartist,
was in the Chair - The Prisoner was
also present
- The Chairman made a
speech - to the effect that he had been sent
as Deputy by that association around
the Hills to see how that organization
of the associations were proceeding - that
a meeting of Deputies of other associations
was held at Dukes Town to report
proceedings - the as it regarded the
organizations and arming of bodies
- He
spoke particularly of the deputation from
Merthyr reporting that Men there were
well armed and organized to the number
of two thousand
- He then said that
the association in that place meaning
Pontypool and adjoining neighbourhood
were far behind the other associations as
to the state of the preparation for the worst-
The Chairman then put the question
"Are you all prepared for the worst
are you armed - as many as are will
hold up your right hands " - That
nearly all present did so - Prisoner
was present at the time the question



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