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was put - I did not see the Prisoner
hold up his hand - Prisoner made
no dissent - Prisoner may have
held up his hand without my
seeing him - A Boy who was
sitting near the Chairman held up
his hand - The Chairman observing
it turned and addressed him saying
"do you know what purpose you
held up your hand - I do not
recollect what answer the Boy made
but the Chairman again put the
question "are you prepared"
the boy answered "Yes, as well as some
of the rest "- To which the Chairman
observed "In mind and principle perhaps " -
The boy said "yes" - The Chairman
then said "If there are any persons
here who expect to gain the Charter
without a struggle had better at once
to leave the association - The Prisoner
remained in the Room for some
time afterwards - when the ca...
class leaders went into another
Room and the Prisoner with them -
I considered the meeting was over
and left
_________ James Emery



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