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Regina v John Lewis Llewellyn

The Queen
Llewellin -

Mr. George Essex will prove he was present at a
Meeting of Chartists held at the King's Head Public House
in Pontypool
on the [blank] day of April last - William
Watchmaker now a prisoner on a charge of High
Treason was chairman at such meeting - that the meeting
was addressed in a most inflammatory manner by
William Edwards of Newport Baker - now undergoing
imprisonment for Sedition - that - Llewellin was
present at such meeting - that in the speech - Edwards
said " Every Whig and Tory ought to have a tenpenny
nail driven through his bloody heart to a platform" -
After Edwards had finished his speech the witness entered
into conversation with some persons at the end of
the room - and was declaring his opposition to the
principles there promulgated - - Llewellin who
stood on one side listening and whose person was not
then known to the witness - requested the witness if he
had anything to say against the Chartists to go up to the
table and answer Edwards . witness then said to
Llewellin " I suppose you are a Chartist?" he replied
"I am" - witness then said "A pretty sort of liberty you
"want, you have the word on your lips - but you are the
"worst of tyrants in your hearts - hear the description of your
"liberty tonight - A tenpenny nail you would drive through
"the bloody hearts of every whig and Tory - that is of every one
"who is not a Chartist" - Llewellin replied "It would
serve them right and they richly deserve it " - a woman




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