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whispered in witnesses ear - that there were some bad
characters around and perhaps would do him some
personal violence - and witness then left the room -
Witness attended another Chartist meeting on [blank]
day of April last - Edwards and Vincent spoke out of a
Beer House window kept by Richard Probyn - doesnt
recollect anything particular taking place at that meeting
but saw Llewellin there - Witness attended another
Chartist meeting on [blank] day of April last held in
the same place as the last mentioned - Edwards asked
the meeting for some time - and at last said " I will not detain
"you my friends much longer as my little Captain will address
"you and explain every thing to you much better than I can -
"he is a good little fellow and his heart and soul is in the
"cause" - Vincent appeared and addressed the meeting -
amongst other things he said "I am about going to London
"to the Convention there I shall meet Baillie Craig from
"Scotland and others from the east-west-north & south
"Baillie Craig will bring the hearts and determination of
"the men of the north with him - and shall I take the
"hearts and determination of the men of South Wales with
"me"? "You shall - you shall" was shouted out by the Chartists
assembled - witness stood near Llewellin in the street
and heard him give the first response "You shall"-
which was immediately followed by the other people -
Vincent continued - " I shall join them to the men of Bristol -
and then to the men of Bath and then to the men of
Wiltshire - and then to the men of London - where I shall
meet Baillie Craig and there we will join the hearts and




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