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"determinations of the men of the north and mine which
"I shall take up from South Wales together - which will
"make a long link and extend across the Channel -
"there will be also other links which will extend in other
"directions so that from north to South and East to West we
"shall be linked together as one man" - great cheering
in which Llewellin loudly joined - Vincent proceeded
"If the Charter should not be granted after the 6th of
"May will you act with the Convention for ulterior -
"proceedings?" "We will we will" Llewellin giving
"the first response - Vincent continued "Then will
"be the time to see that we are linked and bound together
"as one man in a glorious cause - the word now will
"be said in London it will be responded to in Birmingham
"it will be answered in Scotland in Wiltshire in Bath in
"Bristol - and now will be also resound throughout the Hills
"of South Wales
- and when the word now is given then
"will our hands east west north and south be simultaneously
"stretched out and we will hold upon the pillar of the
"constitution - and w we will rock it and toss it to and
"fro until it shall totter from its foundations and base
"up to the very highest point of it then shall the pretty
"little bauble which is placed on the top of this pillar of the
"constitution be unable to keep its seat - it shall totter and
"reel to and fro - and at last over it shall come and down
"it will fall. " - there was most tremendous cheering - Llewellin

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