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Keziah Harris ^ I am Servant to Mr John Lewis
the Prisoner - About 8 months since, I first
entered upon service became Servant to him and remained
with him for about 3 months when I left - during that
time a Club called the working men's association was held
at Prisoners house -and the meetings were held
regularly every Monday night - I went again into the
service of the Prisoner about a week before the outbreak
at Newport - during that week there were two Chartist
meetings held at Prisoners house I do not remember
the days of most meetings - I saw my the Prisoner
there at the last meeting - On the evening of the Sunday
before the outbreak at Newport the next day the
___________(that is) the drinking rooms)
Prisoners House ^ was full of men - several of them
had sticks, one had a long spear, & another a Gun -
Amongst them I saw John Thomas known
frequently as Jack the Sailor - I know him to be

\ About 9 O clock several said,
Come my Men we must go for we have to meet on the
Race course
- upon which they all get up and left \

a Chartist - ^ have not seen my Master since
x 9. th weeks tomorrow.

Keziah Harris

[l. margin]
x the 1st Novr-

Witness J.H.E.
Thursday 2d Jany 1840

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