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David Jones
David Jones -
I m am a Commission Agent ^ at P. Pool
I was recollect a large ^ Chartist Meeting at Pontnewenydd
on the first January last - The Chartist previously
gone through Ponty Pool in procession preceeded
by a band and headed by Frost Vincent -
_____________and Prisoner (Llewellin)
Carrier and Jones the Watchmaker ^ - They returned
to Pontnewenydd and William Edwards was called
to the Chair - the meeting was held behind the House
____ Mr Llewellyn (the Prisr ) was there
and there was a hustings erected for the speakers
Edwards opened the proceedings and stated
that the object of the meeting was to obtain
Signatures to the national petition and to elect
a Delegate to the National Convention -
I should think there were about a Thousand
persons present. There was a good deal of violent
language made use of at the Meeting by Edwards
Vincent Carrier and Frost - I can recollect
a great many things said on the occasion
I have memorandums that I made at the time
they with I have them with me - Llewellyn -
proposed John Frost as a Delegate to the
national convention. I have seen Llewellyn
at Chartist Meetings on the 5th 20th and 24th
of April - and on the processions on the
6thof May and in August last -

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