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The Statement of David Jones of the
town of Pontypool in the County of Monmouth

I attended the Meeting held at Pontnewynidd
on the first of January. - The people that attended
the Meeting had previously paraded through
Pontypool, headed by Vincent, Frost and
Edwards with a Band and Banners bearing
__ when they arrived the Field
__where the meeting was held
various decrees, in regular procession - When^
they arranged themselves in front of a Hustings
erected for the purpose. - Messrs. Frost, Vincent,
Edwards, Jones, Llewellyn and some others mounted
the Hustings, Mr. Edwards was proposed and
seconded to the Chair and elected by shew of
hands - On taking the Chair he proceeded to address
the Meeting - After explaining the object of the
Meeting he entered upon the five points in the
peoples' Charter - He said the people were
determined to have the Charter, and that he
(William Edwards) had a good Strong Arm
(then thrusting his Arm forward) to help the cause
of the people - He said that he William Edwards
had no doubt that many lives would be lost, but
that he William Edwards was prepared to lose
his life, further that the people paid 15/6 in

[* s15/6d]

[l. margin]

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