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the Pound taxes and they would not stand it
much longer.
- Mr. Edwards afterwards introduced
Mr. Vincent to the Meeting as a friend to the
Working Classes - Vincent Said he was ready to
suffer death or imprisonment in the Cause, and
_________________________were there
if any of Lord John Russell 's Spies, ^ he was ready
to give himself up, then told the Meeting his
residence in London. - He said the House of
was long room with a Chap up one
end of it, with Bag Wig on Singing out "order,
order, order," with a lot of fellows sitting round
some drunk and some asleep, and in the
whole they were a lot of Drunkards, Gamblers,
Money Grinders and Tyrants and that the
Meeting must turn [?] the people of the North and
send the Members about their business and so
have a new House of Commons [He then
related the particulars of an interview he
Henry Vincent and some others had with Mr
_the then Member for Wigan to request Mr Potter
Richard Potter ^ to support the Charter.] He told
the Meeting the Members of the House of Commons
were fools and enemies of the Working-Man,
and that some fine morning the people would
rise and send the Members to ^ right - about, and
would not the Men of Wales assist the Men
of England in compelling them to pass
the Charter, [whereupon the people cheered very



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