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much and said " We will,we will." ] He said
the people in Yorkshire, Lancashire, London, Bristol,
Bath, Trowbridge and Newport were determined
to have the Charter, and that they would Crush
the tyrants with one blow, and that the Soldiers
would not fire upon them, and if the Soldiers
came against them, they would put the Women
in front of them and then the Soldiers
would fire upon the Women and that half the Soldiers
would turn over to the Chartists. - The Working
Classes produced all Wealth and they ought to
have their share of that Wealth - The people had
been Kept down long enough for the Working Men
had the Shopkeepers on them and o[n] the Shopkeepers
were the farmers and on the farmers the parsons
and the Lawyers on the parsons
^ and the Army on the Lawyers and the Government
on the Army and on the Government there was a
pretty little bauble, but the people of England
had all joined together, and now the people of
Wales would make a long leek and Stretch it
across the Channel, and the English would join
the Welsh and then they would wriggle
and twist about until down would come those
that were about them, and the pretty little bauble
on the top would come down too, and
then they should all be equal and have equal
rights and equal property. -
______________ David Jones

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