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Making a Speech in the other room
I could not understand what he
did say, because it was in Welsh,
I heard him say in English, that
you must all get your Arms
Prepared for to morrow Evening
then I returned out of the Room
& went to my Lodgings, it affected
me so much, that I could not eat
but a very little all day on Sunday
I was in Bed very near all
day on Sunday - I did get up
to try to eat my Meals but I
could eat but very little, about
6 o'Clock two of them come into
the House, and asked me if I
would Come & I told them that
was very poorly and was not able,
they fetched me out, with me
under their arms and straight
they took me down to Walters
, and George Beech broke
the Door open with a Stone,
and he told me to go in to fetch that
man out Sir, I told him



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