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John Maggs states I live at Pontnewynidd
I am a laborer - I know the prisoner - I have attended meetings
at his house - I was a member of the Working Mens Association held
at his house - it is more than 12 months since I became a member
of that Association - the prisoner was a member - he was Treasurer
I have paid him as a Treasurer a penny a night contribution -
I paid 3d entrance - I received a card - I have not got the Card I received
I have not joined them during the last 9 or 10 months - I think the
little Girl destroyed the card - it was all printed I believe - There was
on the card "Annual Parliaments - no property qualifications" -
a man of the name of Davies acted as Secretary - I have seen
him with a Book - the names of the members were put down in
this Book - I know my name was put down - We met once a
week - The prisoner's house is situate at Pontynewynidd near
about 3/4 of a mile from Pontypool - the prisoner was
present when I paid my weekly money I have heard the prisoner
address the persons at the meetings - I can't tell the words he used
the subject was Universal suffrage and that there was no secret
that we knew each other by - the were called the Working Mens
Association - I did not when I was there hear of any Society -
called the Chartists Society - They called it the Radical Association
I have lately heard it called the Chartists Society - I can't recollect
any of the words the prisoner used at the meetings - He spoke
about Annual parliaments Universal Suffrage and Vote by
Ballot - I never heard him speak about the Charter - I have heard
the prisoner say that we must stick up for the rights of the Charter
The members were admitted into the Association by Ballot - I saw a
Box there - we had something given us to put into the Box - the Box
was like the one now produced - it was called the Ballot Box - We had
a four square tin given us when we were balloting for a member
that was for a person to come in - the other was a three square piece
of tin that was against the person balloted for - I remember




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