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no property qualifications - and the
Country divided into voting divisions -
on most occasions of my attendance
at the meetings I saw Prisoner there
acting as Treasurer - - The Members
upon entrance were balloted for - The
persons wishing to become Members
were proposed by one Member and
seconded by another and then the
ballot box was produced - The
one we used at Llewellin's - and
the tins with which we voted were
similar to those also now produced
the ^ square pieces of tin were in favor
of the member to be admitted and
the three square ^ was against him -
and upon voting each member was
supplied with one of each - tin - The
box was then handed round by
a Brother Member who received the
pieces the tins for admission first,
and for his rejection, second - and
the majority of tins decided whether
the person should be admitted
or not - I was present at a large
meeting of Chartists held at Mr Llewellin's
- We Adjourned to the back
Hustings was erected - Mr Edwards
of Newport was in the Chair - I saw
Prisoner there - I also saw John [Frost]

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