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I am Superintendent of Police for
the Parish of Trevethin I Know the
Prisoner John Llewellin he Keeps a
Beer House at Pontnewynidd I have
I know that a Chartist Club is held
there I know the Prisoner to be a Chartist
he has told me so it was the place
of meeting for all Public Chartists processions
to start from and from where they I have been at
his House on meeting nights and heard
persons present speak against the
Government as at present establishd
particularly Shell one whose body I
saw lying here as one of the Slain
Rioters. I have seen seen the Prisoner at
Chartist Meetings held at Pontypool
on the 5th and 20 and 24 th of April last
at and very violent language was use
by the speakers against the Government
I also saw him walking with a
procession of Chartists on the 6th
of May last on their way to Blackwood
On Thursday the 7th November instant -
I searched the House of Prisoner and
found a Box called a Ballot Box -
a Tin Box containing 4 square and
3 square pieces of tin - I found
these and I also found a
printed Representation of The
National Convention as it met on
Monday the 4 February last 1839
at the British Coffee House
a full length of Portrait of Mr John

[Annotations in left margin:]
6th May Whit Monday



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