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Elizabeth Walters states- I am the Wife of
John Walters the last witness- I was at home with my husband
on Sunday evening the 3d November last- I could hear the
Women a crying about there, and then I went out- then I heard
them saying that their husbands was gone off that evening and
then as I was coming up towards the house after I had heard
the women crying, - I could hear a Tram coming down, and I
thought when I heard the Tram it was the Chartists coming
down from Tredegar - and then this Tram stopped behind John
the Shoemakers House
and when I heard the Tram
stopping I ran up the steps by the front of John Daniels House
I had the candle in my hand when I was on the road and I
put my hand like this on the candle for to see if it was the Chartists
coming down from Tredegar - Then I could see the road full of
men in arms, - then I said all Women that is here go into your
houses and with that I did run down home - then I saw a man
and I told this man the people are all going off to night for they
are all in arms up the road - and then this here man asked me
where is Mr. Walters says he then, I said he is in the house-
then this here man told me, I would recommend you to go into
the house and tell Mr Walters to go to bed and lock the Door
upon him - I asked the man if he was going along with them
no says he I shall go to Bed directly says he, and if I was to go, if
they was to take me, - I can't see to walk at night - I went in the
house and I locked the door on us in - it was then dark - we had
been to tea - we did drink tea between 5 & 6 - it was after tea that I
went out and come in - I was not out many minutes - I had put
away the Tea things before I went out - It was dark because I
had a Candle in my hand, I said to Walters - Walters says I here's
the men all in arms on the road you had better go some where says
I - some persons came to the door after I locked the Door - It was
not long before they came - I can't say exactly to the minute -



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