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because I was in such a fright, when they came to the door - there
was a man, said, there is a man here we will have him to go along
with us - he shall not stop here to make fun at our Wives that we are
all gone and he here - and they called Walters, Walters several times
then they said if you don't open the door - we will break open the door
I did not open the Door - There were some men that gave orders for
breaking the Door, before it was broke outside - they did open the Door
and the Bolt and the Lock came to the middle of the House, a great
many people came in - After they came in there was men outside
the door told them to bring him out - I know Thomas Edwards -
here he is - I know William John Llewellin - he now stands next to
Thomas Edwards - I know Job Harris - there he is and Joseph Coles
I did not know Joseph Coles then - I can't say that I know Evan
- I have heard him talk of, many times - All as I do say
now were in my house that night - and a great many more - the
house was full - I saw a man with a Gun there - he was a tall
man - he had the Gun under his Coat - I did not see it until he
put it against Walter's breast - he was a tall man - I think his dress
was something dark - Indeed I dont know that I should know
the man again that pointed the Gun at my husband if I was
to see him - I know the man who had the pike that is
the man they call Joseph Coles - he is one of the Prisoners - Walter's
was sitting in the corner my son was by his father and he was crying
and the man with the Gun was next to my son, and then there
was people at the door ordering them to bring him out and Walters
would not come out - there was light in the house after they
came in - I went into my Shop and brought out a handful of
Candles and lighted all the Candles - My husband keeps a
little Shop - I did not see the Gun until he put the Gun up
against Walter's breast - he said to Walters at the same time, Walters
you must come with us, what is your life better than ours - Then
this here Billy John Llewellin wispered - the man with the
Pike put up the pike towards Walters - and said look at this
Walters and then I turned round to Billy John Llewellin and

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