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John Walters States - I am a Coal
Cutter and Collier - I live at
Argoed. I was at home on the evening of Sunday the
3rd Novr. - My wife was at home - my wife She was
out somewhere in one of my neighbour's houses I believe
She came in and told me Walters go out somewhere for
God's sake go and hide yourself for the Chartists are
going to take you away along with them - nonsense I
said they don't want me you know that very well - She
locked the Door as she came in - I should think it was
about five minutes after they halloed out Walters none of
us made no answer neither my wife my children or
myself - with that they rushed the Door open - the bolt
of the Lock fell into the middle of the house room - some
of them told me you must go along with us - I said
I will not go - I said what do you want what do you
mean to do? They told me I should know at Newbridge
that go I must - I know a man of the name of Thomas
he was there - that is one of the prisoners at the
Bar - I know a man of the name of William John
, he is one of the prisoners at the Bar - I know
Joseph Coules he is one of the prisoners at the Bar. -
I did not know his name then I have been told it
since - I am sure of his person - I know Job Harris
he is one of the prisoners, the man with the light hair
I do know Evan Jones but I can't swear he was there
there was a man with a Gun who was very much
like him - All the prisoners at the Bar were at my
house on that Sunday evening except Evan Jones who
I can't speak to - I did not know Evan Jones perfectly
before that evening - I had heard of his name - Evan
is very much like the man that had the Gun in
my house that evening - Upon my life I can't say that

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