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he was the man, he is very much like him - the man
who had the Gun in my house had on a dark Coat I
believe - I can't say that Thomas Edwards had anything
in his hand - William John Llewellin had nothing in his
hand -Joseph Coules had a spear or a pike or what
you may call it, in his hand - Joseph Coules came
before me and presented the pike at me like this he said
Walters look at this - the man with the Gun presented
the Gun previous to this - he presented the Gun at me
he did not say any thing when he presented it - they all
said that I must go along with them, not distinctly one
more than the others - the man with the Gun said What
is your life better than ours? I was sitting down in the
Chair with my coat and hat off going to bed and then I
said move from here I will not upon my soul tonight
besides that I have no money, it is no use to travel
about the Country without money - George Beech then
presented a shilling and said I should not want
anything - I said go I will not for you, if you intend
to kill me, kill me here for I am sure if I go along
killed I shall be - it will save the less trouble for my
friends to take me from here to be buried than from
any where else - they then ushered me out, took hold
of me and off with me - I was not then dressed they
took me out without my Coat and hat - I had them
out on the Road - I have a son he is between 15
& 16 years of age - he was there that night - I can't
say whether he was taken away or not by the men
I know that I had him along with me - I went with
them as far as Crumlin Gate, that is on the Road
from Crumlin to Newbridge
- it leads on towards
Newport - Job Harris had nothing in his hand to
the best of my recollection- he might have had
something, I can't tell, I was so confused - I sprained



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