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my Leg - by going down the old Road towards Crumlin
- I went into the Gate House, there were about half a dozen
then there - I sat down there - the greatest part of them was gone down
to Newbridge - then some one outside said come Walters come says he
I said I had sprained my Leg and could go no further - I did not go
further - that man made use of some abusive language & there I was
left, me and my son - I owe my life to Job Harris , because he said
nothing should come the matter with me - I cannot swear that -
Evan Jones was the man that carried the Gun - I saw him on the
Tuesday or Wednesday after and I then thought he was the very man
looking at the Prisoner now - I can't swear that he is the Man -
he is the same man as I saw on the Tuesday or Wednesday
afterwards - it was between 6 & 7 o' Clock in the evening when the men
came to my house - I can't swear to Evan Jones being at my
house that night - I did see the Prisoner Edwards at my house
that night - I did see the prisoner Llewellin in my house that night
he said bring him out, bring him out - we will have him along
I can't say whether the prisoner Job Harris came with the first Lot
or not - he was there, he said to me come, come, Walters there shall
be nothing the matter with you. I then said No - I do mean to
say that, I saw the prisoner Coles in my house with a spear or
a pike, he held the spear before me and said look at this, - there
was in my house about 15 or 20 persons - I can't say how many
were about the house - I saw some on the outside - It was so very
dark, I could not know any of those outside - I know a great many
of them was armed - from what I saw and what I heard that night
I believe my life was in danger - if I had not gone with them
It was a very wet night, I was never out such a night in my
life - it was as dark as could be and very wet -



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