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John Walters sworn says, I am a
Coal Cutter and Collier, I live at
_____________the evening of
Argoed, I was at home on ^ Sunday
the 3rd November Instant, my Wife
was at home, my Wife she was out
some where, in one of my neighbours
Houses, I believe, she came in and
told me Walters go out somewhere,
for God sake go and hide yourself
____________________to take
for the Chartists are going ^ you away
along with them, - nonsense, I said,
they don't want me, you know that
very well, she locked the Door as
she came in, I should think
it was about five Minutes after
they hallooed out Walters, none of
of us made no answer, neither my
Wife, my Children or myself - with
that they rushed the door open,

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