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along with me, - I went with them
as far as Crumlin Gate, that is
on the road from Crumlin to Newbridge
it leads on towards Newport, Job
had nothing in his hand to
the best of my recollection, he might
have had some thing, I can't tell, I
was so confused - I sprained my Leg
by by going down the old road towards
Crumlin Gate
- I went into the
Gate House
, there were about half
a dozen Men there, - I sat down
there, the greatest part of them
was gone down to Newbridge - then
some one outside said come Walters
Come says he, I said I had
Sprained my Leg and Could go, no
further, I did not go further, -
that man made use of some
abusive language & there I was
left me and my son, - I owe my
life to Job Harries, because he said
nothing should come the matter



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