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Elizabeth Walters Sworn States, I am
the wife of John Walters the last witness
I was at home with my Husband on
Sunday Evening the 3rd Instant, I
could hear the women a crying
about there, and then I went out,
then I heard them saying that their
Husbands was gone off that Evening
& then as I was coming up towards
the House after I had heard the
women crying, I could hear a Tram
coming down, & I thought when I
heard the Tram it was the Chartists
coming down from Tredegar, & then
this Tram stopped behind John Daniel
the Shoemakers House
& When I heard
the Tram stopping, I ran up the
steps by the front of John Daniels
, I had the Candle in my
Hand when I was on the road, &
I put my hand like this on the
Candle for to see if it was the
Chartists coming down from Tredegar
Then I could see the road full



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