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them, they had taken him out without
his Clothes, this man came in for
his Coat and some things it rained
shocking, I have a Son about 15
years of age, he went out with his
Father, - I can't say Exactly what
time my Husband returned - when
he came back - I said to him, you
are come back, I thought you would
make your escape some where" and I
said after, I was afraid that they
would Kill you, no he said I
did not think that they would Kill me
because Job was with them, My
Husband thought that Job was
afraid of them - this Edwards never
spoke a word in the House, -
Llewellin did nothing no more
than wisper, out with him, out with
him, I do mean that I saw Coles
in my House with a Pike, he had
a Pike in his hands, and said to
Walters look at this, look at this, Job



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