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John Walters livi Collier living at the Argoed -
saith - On Sunday Evening between 6 & 7 O'clock
My Wife came into my house & said "For God's sake go
away somewhere & hide yourself or they (meaning
the Chartists) will take you away - Nonsense said
I they will not have any thing to do with me. -
About 5 minutes after 15 or 20 men came into the
____ amongst them I know Thomas Edwards
_____Wm John Llewellyn, Aaron Smallcomb
_____ George Beach & & Joseph Coles
house ^ one pointed a gun at me & another a spear
(Joseph Coles) and said Walters look at this holding
out the spear & and the man with the gun said "What is
your life better than ours -" I made answer "If you
are going to kill me kill at once for from here I
will not go upon my soul - What do you want with
me, what are you going to do - they said "you shall
"know at Newbridge" - One outside said - "Damn your
"eyes bring him out he knows more about it than
"either of us" - then I said I had no money to go about
the Country & a man cannot travel without money
with that George Beach presented me a shilling
& said I shouldn't want for any thing - I did not take
the money but said "Well by God I won't go - Beach
had a naked sword which he waved about the house -
Just Before
About ^this time Job Harries a Collier of Argoed came
into the house and he said "Walters come along with us

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[contn of text] amongst them I know

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