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made a motion to the Man that had the Pike & whispered
"out with him out with him" He held out his pike
then to my husband & said "Do you see this" - My
Husband still refused to go - Job Harries said "Come
come Walters come along" I turned round to Billy
& told him to hold his tongue & said it is
only 3 weeks since you've been here before -
Immediately after this they pushed my husband out
of the house - As soon after my husband was
outside the man with the gun came in & asked for
My husbands' coat & hat which I gave him -
Thomas Edwards Wm John Llewellyn Aaron Smallcombe
George Beach & Joseph Coles were amongst those that
came into the house - Coles had the spear. -
_______________Elizbth Walters

The Shop door communicates with the kitchen - After the Mob
had broken open the door I went into the Shop t I brought out ^some about 6
Candles & went into the kitchen & locked the Shop door - least the
Mob should go in there & take any thing - I lighted all the candles
in order that the Mob might by putting out we might see
them - Some of the Mob took away the candles with them -
The man with the Gun took one - the Mob The Mob
took most if not all the Candles which I had brought in
except one which I held in my hand -
_______________Elizbth Walters



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