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Thomas Watts of Gelligroes in the parish of
Monythusloyne in the county of Monmouth
Hallier states
That on Wednesday the 13th day of November last he with
three assistants took the prisoners Thomas Edwards and
William John Llewellyn out of the levels called Havodtryscloed
in the said parish of Monythusloyne
and apprehended the other
two Prisoners Job Harris and Joseph Coules in their respective
houses upon Warrants for being concerned in the late riots at
Newport - On our way down to Newport with the prisoners they
all voluntarily admitted that they had broken open and entered
Job Walters' house on Sunday night the 3rd November by the
command of George Beach and others and that the same party
broke open and entered several other houses in the way from
Argoed to Newport
- The Prisoners also confessed coming down
with the mob to Newport
__________________________Thomas Watts

Witness/ W. S. Cartwright



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