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consists of a mountainous Country intersected by deep Glens or Vallies which are
watered by mountain Streams- The chief of these streams are the Sirhowy and Ebbw
which give name to the respective Vales through which they flow - The Avon
which is the Eastern stream rises above the Varteg Mountain and takes its course
thence to Pontypool - The chief Parishes are those of Aberystruth on the North West-
Bedwellty & Mynyddisllwyn (or Monythusloyne) to the Southward and Trevethin which
includes Ponypool and the Mountains to the North of it.

The whole of this extensive area above described abounds in Mines of Iron &
Coal and owing to these advantages it has existed of late years a spirit of enterprise
to a great extent so that almost every Valley and slope is now studded with iron
furnaces and coal works and their accompanying Towns or Villages in which capital
to an immense amount has been embarked & is now employed
been that for the last 30 years and especially with in the last 15 years, the population
has from a scanty and scattered place, grown up into one of immense extent & probably
may now be estimated at about 40,000 - This population in a great degree is not
a native and settled one, but consists of a mixed & fluctuating multitude from various
parts of the Empire attracted there by the almost certain expectation of Employment & by
the high wages which that employment obtains - A system of organization among them
seems to have subsisted for some time and probably began soon after the repeal of the
Combination Statues for purposes different from those to which it has lately been applied
It is not surprising that amidst a mass as above described what is called
Chartism should be introduced & being introduced should flourish under the existing
Oganization - Accordingly at lodges formed and chiefly held at beer houses Chartism
was published and encouraged. Members were enrolled & received cards of admission and
physical force was advocated, Public Meetings were also called occasionally at which the
leading Instigators of the Chartism were present and addressed the people.

These proceedings finally terminated in the outbreak of the night of Sunday the
3rdof Nov[embe]r last and it is one of the remarkable features of this insurrection that it
was known but a few hours before it burst forth, or circumstances which shews the secrecy as
well as strength of the organization.

On the night in question the whole district above described was literally in arms
moving towards one common point viz: Risca, where or in the neighbourhood of which it was intended
that they should unite their forces & march to Newport with the object that will hereafter appear
The Def[endan]ts Frost, Williams & W[illia]m Jones seem to have been the prime movers of this Outbreak, the
first of these is a draper having a shop at Newport where he has lived with his family and
carried on the trade for about 19 years. During the latter part of this period he has been an
agitator of ultra principles & was at the time in question under prosecution for seditious language
at one of these Public Meetings.

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