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The next Defendant Zephaniah Williams is a Master Collier and keeps a Beer House
The Royal Oak at the Coal Brook Vale Iron Works Which are situated nearly at the
head of the Nantyglo (or little Ebbw) Vale. He bore a character generally respectable
and was a man of considerable influence among his class - of late however his house has
been the headquarters of Chartism. Here members were enrolled their subscriptions received
and cards of their registration issued to each and weekly meetings were held.
The third defendant William Jones is a watchmaker at Pontypool and also keeps a beer
house there. He likewise has been actively engaged for sometime in the cause of Chartism - has
been a promoter of public meetings and attended and delivered speeches in favor of that cause
These three Defendants appear to have been together at the Coach & Horses at Blackwood and
in the neighbourhood during the week preceding the day of the insurrection. At this house there
was a Chartist lodge on Monday the 28th of October the usual weekly meeting was assembled there
when some difference arose between the physical and moral men. On Wednesday there was another
meeting there at which Zephaniah Williams and Jones attended and stated that they had visited the
neighbouring meetings held for organising the men. On Thursday evening the 31stOct[obe]r Frost was at
Blackwood and on Friday there was a meeting of Delegates at the Coach & Horses Delgates from Dowlas
and Rumney were there, and Frost Williams and Jones also attended.
The plan of movement determined on seems to have been this - everyman was to provide himself with arms guns pistols mandrils or sticks so far as he was able
A captain was appointed over every ten men who were respectively numbered and to be ready at his call
Zephaniah Williams was to assemble one of the main bodies on the mountain between Nantyglo and the Ebbw Vale
which is nigh to his dwelling. This body was to descend the Ebbw Vale while lesser gangs were to
pass down the Nantyglo Vale to Pont Aberbyg thence along the ham road thro' (through) Crumlin Newbridge & Abercarne
to the point of union at Risca. Another main body under the conduct of Frost was to move to the same
point down the Sirhowy Vale in this vale the Sirhowy Tredegar and other neighbouring Iron Works offered
a dense population from which a powereful force might well be expected. While these movements were going
forward in the Western Vallies other gangs on the Eastern side under the direction of W[illia]m Jones were to assemble
and descend the Avon Vale to Ponypool and proceed thence along the turnpike road to Newport whence they
were to file off by a Cross Road into the Risca road and unite with the others. All these in their descent were
to scour the country search the houses for arms and seize what they should find, compel the male inhabitants
to join them and thus swell their numbers. When arrived at Risca the whole body was to receive further
orders. It is probable that little more if so much was made known to the great bulk of this moving force altho'
it is apparent from what was declared by Frost and others of Defendants or in their hearing as they advanced to
Newport that their ulterior design was to invade the Town attack and subdue the troops there stop the mails and afterwards
to set up a Rule of their own.
Jenkin Morgan another Defendant who is a milkman at Pillgwenlly was to be stationed with his company of ten at the
outskirts of Newport to watch the approach of the expected forces and upon a signal to be given from the hill of their arrival
they were to seize a warehouse belonging to M. Crossfield where in it was supposed a quantity of gunpowder was stored and protected it for the
use of the invaders.

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