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Sirhowy Park Vale was collected - Frost went forward in advance crossing
the mountain to Newbridge- Many of the Men who were
impatient at his absence were told that he was gone ahead and
would meet them there, but it does not appear that he found them before
they reached the Welsh Oak below Risca there he seems to have assumed
authority over them and it was by his command - after quitting
the Welsh Oak Frost marshalled the men sometimes halting sometimes
walking in front, at others by the side of them - about 9 am the
head of the column advanced down Stow Hill and at the foot of it
wheeled round to the right to the front of the Westgate Hotel, Frost being
seen at the head. A detachment of the 45th Foot under the command
of Lieu[tenan]t (now Capt[ainn ) Gray had been stationed in the room of the ground
floor which is in the wing of the building most distant from the
corner round which the Invaders turned, and the Mayor was with them
but the lower half of the window shutters was closed so as to conceal
them from view - It is unnecessary to describe the attack which followed
or its issue; since this part of the case is minutely and frequently
spoke to by many witnesses - It may be sufficient to state that the
Def[endan]ts who besides Frost were seen engaging in this attack were Walters, Lovell (who was severely wounded) Benfield Rees and Turner.

The Def[endan]t Jenkins Morgan also performed his part of this plot

It appears that he was engaged on the Sunday evening at
his house, in preparing and distributing pikes, and armed himself
with one assembled and stationed his men about midnight in a
field near the Town and waited for some hours the advance of the
expected Insurgents, whose plans he unfolded while he remained with
his party on the watch.

Of the 3 remaining Def[endan]ts viz Edwards Britan and Aust, the first
is the son of the Innkeeper of the Greyhound at Pont Llanfraith and was seen taking an authorative part among the insurgents at the Welsh Oak
and at other places between that and Risca Newport. The second who has been already
noticed altho[ug]h there is no proof that he was present at the attack on the Westgate
was seen in his flight so near the spot that it is probable he was not far from
if not among the foremost - Aust who has a nursery ground at Malpas about 2 miles from Newport was engaged with a gang in that neighbourhood beating up
for Men and arms, and he appears at one time to have joined William Jones
and his party on their way from Pontypool

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