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To Prove that on Saturday the 3rd November December between 10 and
11 pm at a Chartist Lodge at Z Williams Beer House at Argoed
there were 50 or more there, the houses full. Two acted as
stewards - the stewards called eleven by name and told them
they were bound to come to the Captain's Call - The Captain
was a collier he took down their names - one of the stewards
asked for 5d. (five penny's) - Witness had no money - some of the others paid
5d. each. The steward named a man of the name of Harry
Captain over Witness. The Captain was to give them instructions
on Sunday morning, they were to meet between 9 & 10 near
the Chapel, Witness went to Chapel next morning one Capt[ai]n
and 3 or 4 men met him here - it was agreed to meet between
5 and 6 pm at same place. Witness went to the Lodge in
the evening there were 100 there
- some asked what they wanted
at Newport what we were going to do there. George Reeves said
we were to go there and stop all traffic, all trade and the
coaches and post and that he had been with Frost. Some
one asked if Frost was hard by and another answered he
was at Blackwood, and they were to go forward. It was said
if they should not have Frost before they should not go further,
then it was agreed to send after him and stop him at Newbridge
then they came there or they were to go no farther. They were
to go to the Royal Oak at Cefn by marching as fast as they
could from the Lodge. They were to meet again at 6 o'clock
Witness went home and to bed, many came to the door, and
threatened to break it if Witness didnt go. Witness went and
they put a Guard over him. Witness took a stick. Great
numbers joined and many acted as leaders - were told
that Frost was gone ahead, and that they were to follow.
Witness saw Frost at the Royal Oak beer house on the
side of the Risca Road
- there were great numbers with him
some of them were armed - saw him walking from one
to another, and speaking to several
. Frost went away for an
hour and a half, and returned with some men armed

It was night, they then went on to Newport, a very large

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of Argoed

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