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[top right hand margin:-]8
party several hundred in marching order. Frost put them
in the way to to march. They often asked that they might
come together. Frost was sometimes in front and sometimes
on the side looking how they were getting on. They passed
through Tredegar Park about day light, halted at the
Machine and went thence to the top of Stow Hill, when one
cried Halt, one hundred repeated it Frost was walking on
the side before they came to the Friars last time witness
saw Frost was at the Roman Catholic Chapel as they marched
down the hill. He was there, he came with him all the way

Witness will speak to the attack on the Westgate Hotel,
he was knocked down, he might have escaped from the party
at the Royal Oak, Witness was wounted wounded ---------------------- CALL
[in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- said Matthew Williams 1]

To Prove that witness was on his return home from Newport on
Sunday night the 3rd November about1/2 past 9 in company
with Mr Watkins left his horse and gig at Cross y Cylog (Croesyceiliog)
and walked on, between Cross y Cylog (Croesyceiliog) and the New Inn
met a body of armed men between 40 and 50 advancing
about 8 in front who stopped them, and demanded their
names, one of the men whom Witness believes was
(afterwards shot at the Westgate) put Witness and
his companion under arrest and carried them with the
armed body several miles along the Turnpike road and
hence to the Cefn and Risca. In their way between
these two latter places, Witness hearing Frost's name
mentioned asked one of his Guards to find him another
said he would try and on their arriving at the Welsh
Witness heard Frost ask "Where is Mr. Brough"
Witness answered "here I am" and got up immediately, Frost
said "how is it you are here Mr Brough" Witness said
he was glad to see him here and hoped he would get
them liberated. Frost said witness was an old friend
and a good fellow and he would try and get him
liberated, that he detested his politics, but he was a
a good fellow and they, that is Witness and Watkins
were discharged. Witness did not know any of the men
[In right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Mr. Barnebas Brough of Pontypool Brewer 29]

[centre bottom margin:-]7



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