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window nearest to the yard gate first saw him fire into
into the upper windows then saw him load his gun again
and fire into the lower windows where the soldiers were
the Prisoner Turner ran down the pavement by Mr Hambly's
with a gun in his hand Witness believes prisoner to be
the man but should be better satisfied if witness saw him
him in the same clothes - was about 20 yards from him when
he fired --------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragragh:- Dan[ie]l Evans of Newport, Tailor, 87]

To Prove that the witness was standing near Mr Mullocks House about
50 yards in front of the Westgate witness saw the Mob in
front of the Westgate heard the firing, about 5 minutes after that
the Mob dispersed witness saw a man with a wooden leg he
had a gun in his hand witness saw him opposite the window
of Hambly 's house next door to the Westgate did'nt see him use
his gun Witness saw him a second time in about 10 minutes
witness saw one of the persons with him load and fire at the Westgate
window - second time witness saw him witness was standing
at his house Prisoner was passing down the street from the Westgate
witness has not the slightest doubt he is the man---------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Herbert Williams of Newport, Chymist, 92 ]

To Prove that witness was at the corner of Mr Clements House and
saw the Mob coming down Stow Hill and turn round and go towards
the gates of the Westgate Marching in order nine or ten abreast - one person
said something, when the Mob turned towards the Westgate front door they
were armed they entered the passage witness heard Firing from outside
and inside Saw the same person walking towards Lloyds apparently
- this was Lovell saw a person with a wounded Leg come
out of the crowd and go towards Lloyds Door at the corner of
Skinner Street he had a gun or stick in his hand Saw him
afterwards walking down Commercial Street towards the Salutation
that person was the Prisoner Turner he had light colored
clothes on---------------------CALL
[Tho[ma]s Hopkins son of Edw[ar]d Hopkins, 80]

To Prove that (he witness) was stationed at the Westgate door saw
a man with a wooden leg among the Mob as they came round the corner
armed with a gun he was in front & went towards the Yard Gates he had
on a round light flannel Jacket and a Jim Crow black hat Prisoner
Turner is the man should swear to him among 1000 took particular notice of
him seeing a wooden legged man with a gun 12 or 14 yards from him----------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Moses Scard of Newport, Police Officer, 89]

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