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and the way to get it was for every poor Man to give their
names and stick here together - that it should got in
spite of Hell
- Witness saw prisoner next on the Sunday
afternoon about 3 o'clock at his own house
- Many persons
were there prisoner then said there was a large Meeting to be
held on the Mountain that it would be best for every one to
have somewhat with him to Defend himself for fear
some people might come to the meeting and interrupt them

that the meeting was to be on the mountain for all to be ready
for all to go up to London in peace - that there was no shedding
of blood nor any nothing of the sort to be in the case - that the
Gentlemen were to give to the poor to go to London to shew
there and support their wives and families till
their return everyone to his own house peaceably - that
everyone should be on the Mountain pist[e] at dark about
Chapel time 6 p.m. - Witness went towards Chapel saw
persons going in and out of prisoners house Saw many
- some went into the house without & came out with
pikes - There is a long room at the prisoners house which wo[ul]d
hold 2 or 300 Witness was compelled by the pikemen to go
to the Mountain - It was 6 p.m. that witness got there
saw a man there whom he thinks was the prisoner and they
said was Zep[hania]h Williams - Heard him say there was one of the
engines and Trams and planks laid on them to take the people
down to Newport - The men on the Mountain were armed with
pikes and guns - Went down the Mountain to Pen-y-Cae thence
to the Welsh Poole Oak in one throng except scattered parties - Saw
there the Man they called Zep[hania]h Williams Witness went as far as
Stow Hill then ran off Witness does not speak positively to
the pris[one]r on the night of the 3rd November ---------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- said William Howell, 183]

To Prove that on the 1st Saturday in Novr (November) witness was at Zeph (Zephaniah)
house on the pay night - Witness asked him what they
were to do for victuals when they took the men away - Williams
answered not to mind that, that he would mind victuals
for the women and children - that he would mind shop for her
till the men come back - Sometime before this witness saw Williams
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Rachael Howell Wife of last Witness, 187]

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