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Witness on the shoulder and said Come along you be
not better that us and if you won't come we'll send others
to fetch you in a rougher manner that we --------------------CALL

To Prove that on Monday the 4th Witness rose between 5 and 6 a.m. and
went into the stable On opening the House door a great
many men rushed in and upon Witness 'scolding them
told him a great many more thousands were coming behind
Witness left them in the House and went to the Horses - About
20 minutes afterwards some men with Pikes came to the stable
and told him he must go along with them, he refused and
they collared him saying Old fellow you must come. They
they dragged him out and threw him over the hedge of the
Garden into Road where others laid hold of him and
and compelled him to go - there were hundreds in the road
and they kept guard over him until they got him into the
Park there they halted near an hour - Witness saw Frost
there. He put the men to walk 4 a breast 2 on each
Tram Road marching forward and stopped about 10 minutes
by the Gaer Pool - At the Waterloo Witness saw
Zephaniah Williams he came up from behind and witness
heard him tell some to go on - Witness went as far as
the Court of Bella Machine when he turned aside for a
necessary purpose and Williams again told him to go on
Witness said he would as soon as he could and Williams
passed on and Witness went into the machine House and
remained there until he saw some of the Mob running away --------------------CALL
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Joseph Anthony, of Tydu, Hallier, 198]

To Prove That on Monday Morning between 7 and 8 witness met at
Oge Corner near Tredegar Park Gate a party on the
Tram Road coming in the direction of Newport some
had scythes fastened on stickes - some spikes in sticks others
clubs and one a sword - Saw Zephaniah Williams amongst
them - he was the only person witness knew - Witness spoke
to the people in the hearing of Williams and told them
they had better not go on - that there were three
Picquets of Soldiers just come up when he left and the
[right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Mr. John Nichol Hawkins, of Newport, Surgeon, 190]

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