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TO PROVE That the Person lives next door to Witness That
she went to bed about 10 p.m. 3rd November. Heard
knocking at Prisoners house and stirring the fire
awoke her husband - At 1/2 past 8 next morning saw
Prisoner come into the house with a milk pan and
saw him go out again with it in his hand. Witness did
not see him after that until he was in custody----------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Mary Jenkins Wife of Morgan Jenkins of Pillgwenlly Blocklayer 115

TO PROVE that witness saw the PrisonerJenkin Morgan
about 8 a.m. on Monday 4th Novr (November) there was a rumour
that the Chartists were coming down & were in the Park
The Prisoner came to Witness's house and supplied the usual
quantity of milk - Witness asked Prisoner what he thought
of the Chartists now - He answered it was enough for
every man to mind his own business - Witness was
present at the Bunch of Grapes Bristol when Prisoner was
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- John Lewis of the Tredegar Arms Pillgwenlly 119

TO PROVE That on the [blank space] of November he apprehended
the Prisoner at Bristol - that he was about to set off
in a coach to [blank space] in which he had taken
a place by the name of Morgan Jones --------------------CALL
in right hand margain against the above paragraph:- Phineas Sims Police Officer Bristol

TO PROVE that on Monday 4th Novr (November) between 10 and 11
a.m. Witness was riding on the Turnpike Road towards
Newport - that he met a great number of persons
in small Lots running between the road turning
to Witness's house and the Waterloo - They were running
from Newport towards Cardiff Witness saw the Prisoner
Jenkin Morgans a little the north side of the Waterloo
between the gate and Powells Lodge
Some of the men who were running away had
Guns - The Prisoner had none - As Witness came near
the Prisoner turned his face from him as if to
avoid him - Witness has met Prisoner before on the
Road --------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Mapson Thomas Smith of Marglaes Farm 119

TO PROVE that on Monday the 4th November about 6 a.m.
Witness was taken by force from the stable yard of his
Master Mr Cross of Pontypool by a band of armed Men
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- W[illia]m Watkins Servant to Mr. Cross of Pontypool 49

in left hand margin:- S. Britain

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