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up the Chartists - the Witness took the horse to Richards's beer
Witness heard Jones order the Men to collect together
and force as many as they could to be ready by two o'
- Jones told them to arm and be ready at the Race
course about 8 P.M. Witness came to William Shellands
Beer house - Witness saw a number of Men enter armed
with Pikes Guns & they were in several rooms Shellard
came there and went into the room where the persons were
armed he drank and smoked with them Witness stopped
an hour and left Shellard in the house returned in about
an hour and saw Shellard there and the greater part of
the Men armed - Heard Shellard say to them go on
towards the Race Course that Jones was gone on with others
that there was a House in Trosnont where there were
arms two Blunderbusses and two Swords at Parry's the
Farriers in Trosnont
Witness went with a party towards
the New Inn to the Gate of the Race Course saw about
40 or 50 men there armed with Pikes & went on a
little further and saw the Prisoner Jones - Witness attempted to
escape but was brought back to the New Inn - The house was
full of armed Men this was about 11 P.M. The Prisoner came
in and ordered the Men to turn out and proceed to
Newport - The pike men to go first They were to march
to Newport in three parties - the Pike Men first the Guns
next and the rest to follow with what they could get.
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- James Emery of Pontypool Cabinet Maker 130

TO PROVE That on the 3rd November about 9 P.M. Witness
went to the Prisoners house it was crowded Saw Will[ia]m
there with a number of other persons - Shellard
asked Witness where his stick was Shellard distributed
beer to the company and then told them to go down
and he went down and then they followed - When they
got into the street Shellard told Witness of a House in
Trosnant where there were Guns and Pistols to go on
and heave up the latch of the Door
and he would send a man to shew him the House - Witness went on
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- William Rousell of Abersycan Collier

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