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as far a Cross-y-Cylog there he saw Jones in the
passage of the house there - this was about eleven
- Some of the Men outside of the House were armed
- One Man was making a noise and the Prisoner
threatened to blow out his Brains - Prisoner had either
a Sword or a Bayonet cannot say which and he insisted
Witness to go with him - Witness remained at Cross-y-
till about 20 minutes past 5 in the Morning and
then went on and then afterwards met Prisoner near the
Turnpike Gate returning - Saw Prisoner and another Man
give a Sword and Bayonet to two Men who went on
towards Newport --------------------- CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- The said William Rousell 132

TO PROVE That on Sunday 3rd November about 9 PM several
Armed Men came to his Lodgings at Pontnewynidd
and ordered him to go with him saying they had no
time to lose - Witness went with them to the Plough and Harrow
Beer House
where others were ordered to join next to
Llewellyns House which was full of Men mostly armed
with Pikes & - In about half an hour they were ordered
to March on to the Race Course beyond Pontypool - found
a good number of persons there mostly armed
- they did so and went on to the New Inn - this
was about ten or eleven o'clock - Witness saw the
Prisoner there - they remained there about 10 minutes
where the Prisoner ordered they all to go forward to
Newport - The Pike men were ordered in front - they
fell into Marching Order - about five abreast and Witness
believes there were from about three to four hundred
- Halted at the Lower Lock at Cross-y-Cylog - shortly
afterwards Prisoner ordered the Men all out to March
forward as there was no time to lose - The Men obeyed
Witness tried to escape and went behind a settle in the
Kitchen when Prisoner said to him that if he did not go
out he would blow his Brains out - Prisoner had
his hand in his Breast - Witness was so frightened
in left hand margin against the above paragraph:- John Parry of Pontnewynidd Rotten Down

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