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TO PROVE that witness was pressed by an armed party of men at Cross-
about 8 A M on Monday 4th Novr (November) saw Prisoner William
with them at Malpas he directed them up a lane which
leads into the road in Risca There they were stopped by the
report of a collier that they had been worsted at Newport On
hearing this the prisoner William Jones said "then we are done"
at that time there were about 2000 on the road - Witness
saw Aust there who had a Gun.-------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Christopher Kidner of Llanvrechva Butcher 42

TO PROVE that Witness was at breakfast between 8 and 9 a m Monday
4th Novr (November) at Mr Prothero's at Malpas Heard a noise in the
Stable yard - on going out Witness saw the Mob forcing the
coachman and they collared him, some were armed, one with
a Hatchet - Witness heard the Mob ask where Jones was and
saw prisoner come forward - witness saw Aust among them
with a Gun - At Malpas Turnpike Gate the Mob turned up a
lane across the Canal - Witness saw prisoner in the lane with
them - After going a long way up the lane saw a dozen or more
coming in the direction from Newport - Witness heard that the
Soldiers had fired and that several were dead - Witness saw the
prisoner at that time consulting with the Mob.------------------ CALL
John Mathews Gardener to Mr. Prothero 43

TO PROVE that Witness heard prisoner lecture at Sirhowy and tell the
Chartists what they ought to have - Witness saw prisoner on
Monday 4th between 11 and 12 at High Cross Public House which
is the Turnpike Road from Risca to Newport - Witness saw
him come up a field on the side of the canal and over a
stile into the high road with about 50 or 60 armed men - others
who appeared to be coming in the direction from Newport were
running - Prisoner enquired why they were running away and
said that Dr Price was coming to meet him with 7 pieces
of Cannon He said that if the men did not stand true
he should be hanged and the other ringleaders -------------------CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- Edward Dorey Carpenter Risca 44

TO PROVE that on the 7th Novr (November) Witness assisted on apprehending the
prisoner - who was armed with a loaded pistol and had fled
into a wood at Crumlin. Powder Balls, and Copper Caps
were found upon him ------------- CALL
in right hand margin against the above paragraph:- William Evans of Crumlin Coal Master 45

TO PROVE that he assisted in apprehending and searching the prisoner

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