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[top left margin] 163
1840 - 7 April Contd
The Queen pros Henry Knight
William White - for an assault
Henry l
guilty - Ho. [of] Cor. 6 cal. mos.

The Queen pros Robert Webster
John Watts
Thomas Marstow for felony
Both Guilty
Watts - Ho. Corr. 6 cal mos. hard labor
Marstow Gaol - 6 cal mos hard labor
& expences allowed

order for Marstow made [In the margin to the left of the John Watts & Thomas Marstow section]

The Queen pros
Richard Rorke for a misdemeanour
not guilty

Jurymen Thomas Davies & Joseph Williams substituted for William Kite & David Lewis [in the margin to left of Richard Rorke section]

The Queen agt. James Kemeys
Drunk on arrl __________________5 ________5

The Queen pros Richard Roberts
William Vaughan the pr for - felony
Michael Vaughan - (did not appear)
Wm Vaughn the pr - guilty
Ho. Corr. 3 cal. mos & hard labor
costs allowed

No true bill agt. Wm Worgen [Worgan]

[with various court processing annotations in the margin to the left of each section]



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